Larry Dunn for Idaho State Representative


Larry Dunn

I Am Committed to Liberty-Minded Republican Principles, which means I AM:

Why I’m Running:

Your elected State Representative should communicate regularly, consult with you on critical issues and be actively involved in addressing important issues in our District, throughout the year. The current Representative at District 7-Seat B chooses not to do these things. That needs to change. You deserve better.

Moreover, I’m running to be your next District 7 Representative because too much of Idaho’s government is headed off course and it needs to be steered back toward reflecting OUR conservative values.

Tina and I choose to live in Idaho, in no small part, because of its conservative, God-fearing character.

But the character of this State and OUR principles are under attack from an over-reaching Federal government and the influence of the Marxist / “woke” / LGBTQ agenda at our Statehouse and in our communities; From unchecked State Government growth and Covid-era tyranny to the diminishment of parents’ rights; and from an unfair, unconstitutional public school funding formula and the insertion of international codes into State law. These trends cannot be allowed to continue.

You may hear that to get anything done in Boise, legislators must learn to “get along”, to “compromise”. Those who study political history will tell you that ‘compromise is the mother’s milk of socialism’.

If I am elected to the State House, I will make a point of aligning myself with other, actual conservative members, like those in the Idaho Freedom Caucus. And together we will go forward as a unified voice to correct what needs correcting and to stand firm for what is right.

My principles are not for sale, be it for influence or money.

I am proud to call myself a Republican. Any bill that I support must be in accord with the U.S. Constitution, the Idaho State Constitution, and the Republican Party Platform.

The Idaho Republican Party Platform is a statement of the party’s values, principles, and policy positions. Republicans stand for the concept ‘the less government the better’. And YES, I have signed the Idaho Republican Party Platform Pledge.

There is much talk these days concerning RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). RINOs are a real problem. Why? Because RINOs compromise, ignore the Republican Platform, and vote like Democrats.

I say IF you’re going to run for office as a Republican then own it. Which means voting consistently with our Platform’s values and principles. Otherwise, don’t claim to be a Republican.

Regretfully, the incumbent, my opponent in this race, has a voting record that falls well short of reflecting Republican values. That’s simply unacceptable.

It’s time to elect an actual conservative Republican to represent State District 7 at Seat B. I am that man.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

My name is Larry Dunn, and I am asking for your vote in the Primary this May 2024.

About Me:

My wife, Tina, and I live on the western slope of the lower Salmon River, south of Grangeville ID.

I am a born-again Christian and an honorably discharged Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy.

I hold an Associate degree in Administration of Justice and a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration with a Minor in Collective Bargaining.

My work experience includes Critical care nurse, Histology technician, and State peace officer (honorably retired after 20+ years).  My additional work experience includes being an EMT for a private ambulance company, a Violent Crime Victim advocate, a grant manager, and a Code Enforcement Officer (enforcing County Marijuana cultivation laws).

Tina and I have also established 2 SAFE FAMILIES FOR CHILDREN ministries.

Most recently, I’ve been serving as a Trustee on my local School Board and the Idaho County Republican Central Committee.


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